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21 Sep 17
Rebecca Larsen
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Join us on Tuesday, October 3, from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. to connect with others and make a plan for this important season. If you are new to this group or have not been around in a bit, this is the perfect time to engage! You will hear about the work we are doing, and how you can plug in your unique interests and skills. I cannot stress this enough… We need YOU! We all have a unique, critical role. Together, we can make Waco a more welcoming community.

All people – immigrants, their families, and allies – are welcome to this event! If you feel like you’re completely new to this, don’t worry. We’ll share info to get everyone up to speed and cast vision for the future and how we in Waco can make a difference.

Waco Immigrants Rally – May 6th!

25 Apr 17
Rebecca Larsen
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In solidarity with other immigrant marches and rallies happening across the country, join Waco Immigrants Alliance as we celebrate our immigrant community. It will be a gathering that honors Waco’s rich history of immigrant rights activism and unifies us to continue to fight for reform, justice, and making our community welcoming!

Hutto Detention Visitation Training

19 Apr 17
Rebecca Larsen
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Join us at our next monthly general meeting on May 2nd! Instead of our usual meeting, we will be training to visit women that are in immigrant detention. Even if you’re not sure if you can go on visits, we will be learning about our immigration system, the differences between refugee and asylee status, and much more! All are welcome.

Welcoming Communities

21 Jan 17
Rebecca Larsen
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January 29th 2017 at 4PM
Mission Waco Chapel
1226 Washington Ave. Waco, TX

How can we stand with our immigrant neighbors in Waco? Come on January 29th at 4pm to the Mission Waco Chapel (1226 Washington Avenue) to hear from Alejandro Caceres and Jake Crowther from Grassroots Leadership & the Austin Sanctuary Movement about their experience organizing alongside immigrants. They will share both policy and non-policy ideas for community members & churches. Come to learn more and get connected!

Waco City Council Testimony

20 Dec 16
Rebecca Larsen
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At the Dec. 20, 2016 Waco City Council Business Meeting, members of the Waco Immigration Alliance shared personal stories, professional experience, and research that articulates and supports our priorities as a community group, which we are calling on the city of Waco, the DA’s office, and Waco PD to support as well.

  1. In order for our city to thrive and grow from a foundation of trust-based relationships and healthy attachment, our schools, churches, nursing homes, medical facilities, etc. must be designated a “safe space” for immigrants.
  2. Immigrants who have survived sexual assault and domestic violence must no longer be denied a simple signature verification of their police report by the McLennan County DA’s office and Waco PD, strictly based on political pressure. These offices must work harder to communicate to those who are skeptics, what and why these UVisa’s exist. They must be proactive in communicating how it erodes safety and security of ALL our neighborhoods and the prosperity and development of Waco, when a predator is able to leverage undocumented immigrants’ fear of deportation and prey on women and children simply due to their, or their parents’, immigration status.
  3. We ask that the city officials, leaders, etc become vocal supporters of comprehensive reform that fixes the gaping holes in this antiquated, draconian system. A non-negotiable must be a pathway to earned citizenship for those who have no reasonable pathway (or none at all).
  4. We challenge the city to be intentional about creating spaces for immigrant voices to be heard and valued, where trust is built, and where stakeholders from every sector can come together to think collaboratively on the issues that affect our immigrant population, and Waco as a whole.

Big THANK YOU to the organizers and those who came to show support, and everyone who shared last night.

Our 3-minute testimonials begin at 27:25, 44:35, 48:40, and 52:35

Join Us Tuesday 12/6 for Our Monthly Meeting!

05 Dec 16
Rebecca Larsen
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Join us for our meeting this Tuesday on December 6th at 6:30pm at 1721 Sanger Avenue. We will be planning for the next year and reflecting on where we are headed as an organization. As we move forward into a new year of “making Waco into a welcoming place for all immigrants,” please consider joining us if you are looking for a safe community, wanting to get involved, or are looking to learn more!


How to Prepare for Changes in the Presidential Administration

11 Nov 16
Rebecca Larsen
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First of all, we want to express that we will fight for you. If you are feeling afraid, targeted (and we know these are not new feelings for many of you in this country) we have your back. If you are visiting this page because you are looking for answers, email us at We are here to talk, to offer information, referrals, resources, and sanctuary.

Below is a first step list of preparation to make before January from Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC).

The new administration is expected to make significant changes to current immigration policy. The details of what President-elect Trump will actually do on immigration are unknown. Until Jan. 19, 2017, current Obama administration immigration policies will remain in place.

What can you do to prepare?

• Beware of immigration scams and notarios! Get information and assistance from a qualified immigration legal service provider. Visit to locate an organization near you. More information about avoiding notarios can be found at:
• Apply for citizenship! If you are a lawful permanent resident and currently eligible for naturalization, we encourage you to apply. If you have pending relative petitions, check with a legal adviser first. Note: the fees for naturalization will increase on Dec. 23, 2016.
• Get screened! You may be eligible for relief from deportation. Call your local CLINIC affiliate to find out
about screening.

What if you have DACA?

If you or a family member currently holds Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, known as DACA, here’s
what you should know:
• During his campaign, Trump said he would end DACA. Right now, we are not sure if and when that would
happen. We do know that DACA is in place at least until Jan. 19.
• You should immediately seek guidance from a qualified legal services provider if:
› You are considering an initial DACA application
› You want to renew DACA
› You are planning travel outside of the U.S. with an Advance Parole approval

Do you know your rights?

Know your rights about interacting with immigration agents.
• Do not open the door to immigration agents or police unless they have a legal document with your name on it. Ask them to slip it under the door before you admit them. Tell your children not to open the door. Your name and address must be spelled correctly, and it the warrant must be signed by a JUDGE, not an agent,
• Remain silent. You do not have to answer their questions.
Do not sign anything and ask to speak with an attorney or legal representative.
• Find more detailed explanations of your rights here:
› English:
› Spanish:



Know Your Rights! — Saturday!

14 May 16
Rebecca Larsen
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Location- “Tierra de Bendicion” church
Address- 3404 Speight Ave
Time: 7pm

Are you an immigrant or person of color? Does your job position serve someone that is? Want to know what your rights are, even for a non-citizen? Do you know what to do when approached by law enforcement on the road, in your home, in public, etc to protect yourself?

Please attend the Know Your Rights presentation Saturday and bring a friend. Feel free to forward this info to your church, campus club, etc. There will be FREE know-your-rights cards for attendees to take with them for quick info and to share with others.

The presentation will last approximately one hour or so there will be time for questions and answers.

See you there!

En Español