About Us

Who is the Waco Immigrants’ Alliance?

Our Mission:

The Waco Immigrants’ Alliance is a community group that seeks to make Waco a welcoming place to all immigrants, inclusive of every nationality, faith, and legal status.

Our Goals/ What We Do:

Educate the community on immigration issues and their effects on our city and its people; Provide “Know Your Rights” info sessions, panels, legal referrals, and other resources to the community; Encourage and empower churches to know how to speak about the topic in a truthful and loving way; Equip community leaders and other service providers with tools to serve their people through basic legal information and referrals to relevant services; Work to end the isolation of immigrant detention through visitation programs; Advocate alongside immigrants and allies through action such as letter writing, vigils, protests, and legislative visits; Support and promote comprehensive reform that ends the privatization of immigrant detention and creates a path to citizenship; Assist eligible families with fundraising campaigns for detention bond funds; Manage the Waco Community Defense Hotline for immigrants and allies in crisis or seeking information and resources; Maintain an active social media and community presence.


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