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Waco City Council Testimony

20 Dec 16
Rebecca Larsen
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At the Dec. 20, 2016 Waco City Council Business Meeting, members of the Waco Immigration Alliance shared personal stories, professional experience, and research that articulates and supports our priorities as a community group, which we are calling on the city of Waco, the DA’s office, and Waco PD to support as well.

  1. In order for our city to thrive and grow from a foundation of trust-based relationships and healthy attachment, our schools, churches, nursing homes, medical facilities, etc. must be designated a “safe space” for immigrants.
  2. Immigrants who have survived sexual assault and domestic violence must no longer be denied a simple signature verification of their police report by the McLennan County DA’s office and Waco PD, strictly based on political pressure. These offices must work harder to communicate to those who are skeptics, what and why these UVisa’s exist. They must be proactive in communicating how it erodes safety and security of ALL our neighborhoods and the prosperity and development of Waco, when a predator is able to leverage undocumented immigrants’ fear of deportation and prey on women and children simply due to their, or their parents’, immigration status.
  3. We ask that the city officials, leaders, etc become vocal supporters of comprehensive reform that fixes the gaping holes in this antiquated, draconian system. A non-negotiable must be a pathway to earned citizenship for those who have no reasonable pathway (or none at all).
  4. We challenge the city to be intentional about creating spaces for immigrant voices to be heard and valued, where trust is built, and where stakeholders from every sector can come together to think collaboratively on the issues that affect our immigrant population, and Waco as a whole.

Big THANK YOU to the organizers and those who came to show support, and everyone who shared last night.

Our 3-minute testimonials begin at 27:25, 44:35, 48:40, and 52:35

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